Does your foundation allow water in, seem damp or do you simply need piece of mind before a flood or leak occurs? At A1 Waterproofing we are committed to offering quality solutions in external & internal foundation waterproofing. Whether you need us to repair a crack in your foundation or fully waterproofing you business or home then you can count on us to deliver results.

If your in the property management industry we also offer a long list of quick response measures and reliable one time fix procedures within your clients budget.

Newer Homes or Business

One of the benefits of constructing your home from scratch is that you can easily set up a waterproofing system and have your property protected right from the start. Our skilled team can accomplish this for you, while also providing the guarantee of a dry home or business far into the future.

Older Homes

Basements, particularly old ones, tend to allow water to seep into the foundation leading to mold and structural issues. It’s recommended to waterproof the basement from the outside in order to stop water at its source. Not all cases allow waterproofing to be done from the outside and if thats the case then we also offer interior services that will be sure to eliminate water from entering your basements

Historical & Heritage

Waterproofing any below ground structure can be a dangerous exercise by nature but excavating a historical or heritage building requires several extra layers of safety procedure. Unlike most foundations you must pay closer attention to the condition of the foundation. Is the foundation square cut stone, then it could strong and solid. Maybe the foundation is made of smaller misshapen stones, field stones or large number of bricks. Either way we can help.

We treat this type of project in alternating sections of excavated and unexcavated areas approx. ten feet in length. When the exposed areas are waterproofed, those sections are back filled and compacted. Then the process is  repeated. No matter what age, historical importance, foundation type etc. You can count on our team to provide solutions that cater to your unique waterproofing repairs.

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